I am not in any way connected or affiliated with the company at all. This is not also a paid article. I am a budget traveler who happens to stumble upon this app called Traveloka. I tried it with much hesitation but I ended up trying it anyway.

I was neither disappointed nor scammed as I thought I would be in the beginning. I even got an Php800 discount by using the coupon code I found online. I am writing this article to testify that this app actually works and is a legit company as of the moment (with emphasis on that).

E-ticket issued by Traveloka

E-ticket issued by Traveloka. Shows the discount given through the coupon I used on the booking.

Visit www.traveloka.comsign-up for an account, and start getting big discounts for your flight and hotel bookings. They regularly post the latest coupon codes that you can successfully use.

traveloka website

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