It’s funny that I was born in Manila and has lived there since I was in 5th grade; frequently travel to Manila once to twice a year; been to a lot of provinces around Laguna; but I have never been to Enchanted Kingdom until just recently.

It was a lifelong dream that I have been trying to realize since I started earning my own money. But failed to do so until I had this chance and the capacity to do it last saturday.

So let me share to you my experience and how I felt like a kid again the moment I started seeing mascots, rides, and the fireworks.

I have had this smile from Manila to Laguna.

Disk-O-Magic. The very first ride I have tried in Enchanted Kingdom (sounds historical).

Came across some performers as we get to our next ride.

I know what you’re thinking now, “Space Shuttle agad?” Hahaha. Well, I haven’t felt any fear at that moment, so yes, Space Shuttle agad.

Failed to try this gigantic ferris wheel they have there as it was made exclusive for those who purchased their “Dine in the sky” promo.


Took a short break from the rides and had a quick dinner at one of their restaurants inside the park. We tried the log jam in which I failed to take pictures because you know, water.

We have also tried their grand carousel as part of our preparation for the most extreme ride there is.

After several minutes of relaxation and mind conditioning, we finally decided to try the EKstreme Tower. For the first time in my life, I doubted my capacity as a person; all because of this ride. Come on, this ride will take you to the top almost 40 meters high before suddenly dropping at 76 kph, isn’t that insane?

My most favorite part of the trip. Coming from a city where firecrackers have been banned for more than 10 years now; this is a big deal.

Overall, it was a fun and overwhelming experience for me and I definitely would like to do it all over again.

How I got there: 

I was staying at Quezon City so it was quite a long ride to the bus station. I rode the train from Katipunan to Araneta Center – Cubao station then rode another train from Araneta Center – Cubao to Gil Puyat station. When I got there, I started looking for buses going to Balibago. The most famous bus liner traveling to Balibago is the JAC liner. When I saw the queue for the JAC bus going to Balibago I knew I had to do something. I started walking towards another street and there I saw a Balibago bus waiting for all the seats to be occupied.

Other information:

Bus fare to Balibago: Php 61.00

Park Entrance: 700 (ride-all-you-can-

Enchanted Kingdom website