Full Name: Elmyca Peñamante

Describe the place in 2-3 sentences:

Polillo Group of Islands (Polillo Island/s) A remote (group of) island/s in the pacific with virgin territories and pristine beaches. It is endowed with natural wonders and has a rich biodiversity and aquatic resources. A tropical paradise and a home to friendly native folks.

Recommended place to eat (details: must-try):

Lutong bahay cousine of seafoods and exotic dishes such as Pakipak, Kuray, Bulaso and Kibit is a must try. Locales recipes such as tinumok, adobo, ginataan of any of those exotic foods is superb, combining the taste of the sea and spices for a mouthwatering irresistible exotic unique dish.

Recommended activities to do:

Being a group of islands that is composed of 27 islands and islets, island hopping along with beach bumming, swimming and snorkeling are the best adventures and a must-to-do activity when in Polillo. Visiting the far-off secluded sites including the islands, islets and sandbars that has a long coast of pristine beaches, surrounded by crystal clear bluegreen seawater and has a magnificent underwater views, it surely can give an extraordinary island getaway experience.

Being endowed with natural wonders such as mountain, caves and falls, mountain trekking, waterfalls chasing and caving are activities that can be done as well.

Recommended place to stay:

When in town, available places to stay are the hotels like Seahorse and Casa Escarlata, lodging house like Conchada’s Residence. In the town outskirts, resorts like Isla Polillo and Casa de Azaula, and the floating cottage/rest house in Bucao.

The adventures in the island are mainly composed of contact with nature and that is why it promotes ecotourism. The most visited sites are far from the main town so camping and tent pitching are the most suitable form of accommodation.


(photos courtesy of Jo Lontoc and JVM Photography)