Mountain Province is a landlocked province in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. It has a land area of 832.97 sq mi with a population of 154,590.

Capital city: Bontoc

Name of airport: Bagabag Airport

Temperature: 16 – 27 Celsius

Languages spoken by the locals: Ilocano, Bontoc,Kankana-ey,Pangasinan,Tagalog and English

Mode of transportation: 

  • Jeep
  • Bus

Province Highlights

  • Bontoc Village Museum – The museum building is a replica of a traditional Ifugao house. The museum collection includes traditional costumes, hunting and farming tools.
  • Sagada – is known as the Mountain Province’s Pride. Here you can do trekking, spelunking and waterfalls hiking.
  • Rice Terraces – there are several breathtaking view of rice terraces in Mt Province, a must see is Bay-yo Rice terraces in Bontoc.
  • Besao – it is located in western part of the mountain province. Here you can witness the famous “besao sunset”.
  • Hanging Coffins – it is located in Lumiang Burial Cave. The ancient Igorot believes that hanging the coffins of their loved ones was meant to put them closer to heaven.

Local delicacies

  • Patopat – sticky rice cake wrapped in banana leaf
  • Gabay Fruit Wines – made from processed berries, roselle flowers, rice and fruits

Must try

  • Trekking
  • Spelunking
  • Kiltepan Sunrise and Sea of Clouds

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