We, at Lost in Pinas aims to showcase the beauty of our own country, The Philippines, through snaps that we take, videos that we make, and stories that we would love to share.

Lost in Pinas is an online space where you can read articles about all the places we’ve visited and will be visiting, individually or together. Our mission is to set foot in all 81 provinces in the Philippines and this online space is where we’ll share everything that will happen in getting that mission accomplished. We also hope to encourage people to really explore the beauty of the Philippines because we believe that there is still so much to discover in this beautiful country. We also would like to help you experience that perfect getaway by sharing some guides and tips that we ourselves have tried or some of our readers have shared with us.

Charmyn, Gerbert and Gian are the people behind Lost in Pinas. They are currently based in different cities in the Philippines doing different stuff. Gerbert is based in Davao City and is currently teaching Information Technology in a private Junior High School. Charmyn who’s based in Digos City is currently managing her own business, a convenience store. And Gian who’s based in Cebu City is working as a programmer for an Irish businessman. Despite pursuing different fields after graduating from the same bachelor’s degree from the same university, their love for travel and adventure made them decide to start Los in Pinas.